NTS Kabushiki Kaisha

Since 1986

Fuel & Lubricant

We are a licensed petroleum products supplier with many years of experience. We supply high-quality fuels and lubricants for ships and airplanes, with a focus on customer satisfaction and excellent service. We offer trusted brands, expert advice, and appropriate fuels to keep your vessels running smoothly.


We provide logistics services to support the operation of ships and airplanes, including equipment procurement, parts sourcing, and cargo handling. Our experienced team ensures prompt and accurate delivery to meet our clients' needs. We also offer repair services to ensure smooth and safe operations.

Interior & Furniture

Our import-export focused Interior Business Department carefully selects high-quality interior products that prioritize traditional values over design. We propose items that meet various needs related to import and export. We manage the entire process from design, manufacturing, packaging to transportation with meticulous attention to quality control.